In spring of 1994 A printed guide to the "Center Campus Arboretum" was produced by Professor Mitch Bailey and his Plant Ecology students. During campus renovations in 2002, Professor Bailey and Professor Thad Yorks worked closely with the landscape architect, David H. Hohman (GWSM Division of Pennoni Associates Inc., Pittsburgh, PA), in developing planting lists that included tree species native to Pennsylvania and, to the extent possible, shrub species native to Pennsylvania.

The next year, the Technology Subcommittee of the Faculty Professional Development Center awarded a small grant to Thad Yorks for "Construction of a Virtual Guide for the California University of Pennsylvania's Arboretum." Most of these funds were used to purchase a digital camera and accessories for collecting digital photographs for inclusion on the webpages.

The campus arboretum maps and database were last updated in the spring of 2007.  A new brochure is currently being created.