Faculty and Staff Personal Web Pages

If you would like to have your own site to work on then please let me know and you will be given space on the site immediately.  Any faculty or staff member can have space on the server and access to work on the site yourself.  Most sites are added as Frontpage web sites, but you can have this functionality turned off if you prefer.


Aref Alkhattar

CJ Dejuliis

Paul Hettler

Pratul Pathak

Robert Taylor

David Argent

Gary Delorenzo

Larry Horath

John Patrick

Laura Tuennerman-Kaplan

Mark Bronakowski

Pam DelVerne

Nancy Hudson

Loring Prest

John Thompson

Judy Byers

Ted Dominick

Bill Hug

Anthony Pyzdrowski

Ronald Wagner

Gina Boff

Dilawar Edwards

Leandro Junes

Nicholas Roberts

Jacqueline Walsh

Thomas Buckelew

Daniel Engstrom

Mohamed Kholief

Linda Robinson

Carolyn Wass

John Cencich

Sylvia Foil

Lisa Kovalchick

Peggy Roche

Beverly Willison

Arshad Chawdhry

Judith Good

Rene Kruse

Susan Ryan

Margo Wilson

Weifeng Chen

Julie Goodside

Stanley Komacek

Caryl Sheffield

Peter Wright

Margaret Christopher

Judy Hall

Tricia Milford

Sylvia Sholar

Jesse Cignetti

Patricia Hartman

Diane Nettles

Nancy Skocik

Mohammed Yamba

Debra Clingerman

Hope Haywood

Daria Nikitina

Dennis Sweeney

Joseph Zisk

John Confer

Keith Hepner

Mark Nowak

Jose Taracido


Barbara Hess

Mary O'Connor

Ahmed Tarek


The California University Web Policies

If you would like your site placed in or removed from this list please email Bill Staffen and the list will be changed accordingly.


The personal home pages of California students, staff, and faculty do not in any way constitute official California University content. The views and opinions expressed in these pages are strictly those of the page authors, and comments on the contents of those pages should be directed to the page authors.